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Whereas: Gun-grabbers are going all-out to "cash in" on the Florida and Nevada killings; and 
Whereas: Politicians know gun-control laws cannot stop killers – only good folks with guns can; and  
Whereas: Bloomberg militant and State Representative Linda Slocum, along with many of her colleagues have introduced a BAN on firearms; and ;  
Whereas: Slocum’s bill also creates a gun-owner database that would track, trace and register gun owners like they are sex offenders or pedophiles; and 
Whereas: Under the proposal, virtually every modern pistol and rifle in production would be outright banned; and 
Whereas: Such a ban would destroy our Second Amendment freedoms, 
Therefore: As a Second Amendment supporter, I OPPOSE House File 3022 and demand you vote no and oppose it at every turn! 


To the Members of the Minnesota State Legislature

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