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Dear Friend of the Second Amendment,

As a member of Minnesota Gun Rights, you know that radical anti-gun politicians, aided by Michael Bloomberg’s MILLIONS, are on the warpath in Minnesota trying to destroy our Second Amendment freedoms.

In House District 55A, future gun rights champion Erik Mortensen is under attack from the radical gun control lobby, who are determined to punish him for standing up on behalf of gun owners like you and me by promising to champion Stand-Your-Ground law and STOP gun control.

Brad Tabke, the other candidate in this race, vocally supports the entire gun control agenda including banning the AR15, banning accessories, passing Bloomberg’s “Universal Gun Registration”, “Red Flags” gun seizure laws and more!

In fact, Brad Tabke is so extreme that he’s been door-knocking with the lead sponsor of EVERY major Bloomberg endorsed gun control bill in the Minnesota House, Rep. Dave Pinto!

Help us expose him! Help us make sure that gun owners in Minnesota have the facts, by sponsoring as many of these ads as you possibly can!

The fight for the Second Amendment is raging right now, and this is our chance to fight back!

Stand with us now and help sponsor these ads!

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Minnesota Gun Rights is a non-profit advocacy organization registered with the Minnesota Secretary of State.  Contributions or gifts to MGR are not tax deductible for IRS purposes.

Help Minnesota Gun Rights Expose Brad Tabke’s


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