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Dear Friend of the Second Amendment,

The 2019 legislative session is underway, and after radical anti-gunners took control of our government in the Nov 6 elections, our gun rights are on the chopping block!

On one hand, we have an anti-gun militant Governor-Elect Tim Walz who is promising to sign “Universal Gun Registration” (introduced by Rep Dave Pinto, H.F. 8), “Red Flags” gun seizures (introduced by Rep Ruth Richardson, H.F. 9) and more into law!

On the other hand, the Minnesota House Republican majority was utterly gutted and replaced by a radical anti-gun Democrat super majority, who, under Speaker Melissa Hortman is working feverishly to RAM gun control into law in 2019 -- and that’s not even including radical, America-hating Keith Ellison who is also fighting to destroy our gun rights as Attorney General!

That’s why I hope you’ll STAND and FIGHT with us in 2019, by renewing your membership in Minnesota Gun Rights at the Liberty Level ($35) TODAY.

If  you want to upgrade your membership to the Freedom Level (75) or the Patriot Level ($125), we’ll be sure to rush you an MGR T-Shirt and membership decal right away!

Lastly, if you want to become a Lifetime Member today, we’ll send you a T-Shirt, decal, and a lifetime membership plaque!

Your membership level is entirely up to you, but with 2019 being the biggest war on gun rights we’ve ever seen -– I hope you’ll renew your support in MGR right away!

For Freedom, 

Ben Dorr
Political Director

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