Whereas:Republican Senators Scott Jensen and Paul Anderson are standing with radical anti-gun Senator Ron Latz to pass gun-control; and      
Whereas:      Their top agenda items are Statewide Gun Registration (under the guise of so-called “Universal Background Checks)”, the Disarm Minnesota Act to allow law-abiding gun owners to be stripped of their freedoms based on sheer hearsay and more; and      
Whereas:      Statewide Gun Registration is the ultimate precursor to outright gun CONFISCATION; and      
Whereas:      Law-abiding Minnesota gun owners will NOT stand by while Government infringes on their Right to Keep and Bear Arms; 
Therefore:      As your constituent, I insist you do everything in your power to see to it that this radical scheme is defeated. Gun owners will hold accountable ANY politician that supports this legislation in any step of the legislative process, including public hearings, public statements, committee votes and floor votes.

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